(© Christina Ilchmann)

For seven years I have been working as a journalist, mostly freelancing for newspapers, magazines and the national public radio. I enjoyed this type of work and I still do. But there are reasons this climate strike has much to do with my current profession.

You would think that my work as a journalist fits me with opportunities to give people a stage who already live more sustainable, engaged lives. That it provides me with the task to make readers consider the consequences of their behaviour and ultimately change it, too. I would love to do exactly and solely this type of reportings. But wouldn’t that make me an activist then? For me, the line between journalism and activism, in regards to the climate catastrophe and climate justice struggles, is no longer of much value. All of us, regardless of occupation, country of origin, religion, gender or ethnic group, need to become activists in fighting for climate justice.

Café Koselig, your supplier of good coffee and delicious vegan treats (© Edona Arnesen)

In reality, my work is not even a struggle between neutrality and engagement. For me, freelance journalism is an ongoing crisis itself. Every now and then, a wonderful job that even pays well, comes along, while along the way there is much more dull production work, fuelled by the trouble to make ends meet.

I am in a state of mind where I question many topics and issues which we discuss in society, or which we value as human accomplishments. For me, they all get relegated, given the massive challenges we are facing. This challenges need all our energy, our focus, our love and compassion, our rage as well as our care and collective power.

This is why I feel a obligation to change the course of my current path.

Having said all that, I will still be doing feature writings and reportings, covering topics I care for. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.